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        Terms of Service

        Official Shaiya Synthesis ruleset, supersedes all and any rules. Last Updated: April 3rd, 2019.

        Certain rules may not be enforced unless reported. If you feel a user has broken a rule, report it. All ban durations are the default suggested ban duration; however, enforcement is subject to the moderator and may be shortened or lengthened depending on the severity of the rule breaking. Lesser rule-breaking punishments may be handed out via infraction in replacement of a ban. Certain rules may be bypassed with written consent from an administrator, in which it must be explicitly stated wherever posted.
        1. Behavior:
            1. Harassment
              1. Any type of harassment that includes "threatening, sexism, racism, cussing, disrespect, or any other sort will not be tolerated.
              2. Disrespectful actions towards anyone will not be tolerated.
              3. There will be no begging in any form.
              4. You will take responsibility for your own actions.
            2. Impersonation
              1. There will be no impersonation of anyone in this server as it is strictly forbidden.
            3. Scamming
              1. Any attempt to scam a player will have severe consenquences.
            4. Kill Stealing
              1. Kill stealing is not allowed for normal mobs, but for bosses it is allowed. This rule does not apply if you are in a PvP area with PvP present.
            5. Exploits/Fraud
              1. Creating multiple accounts to spam vote in order to gain excessive “free” Donation Points is considered as vote fraud.
              2. Dummy accounts that are receiving a string of unevenly timed votes will be permanently banned.
              3. Players main account that is involved in vote fraud will also be held accountable.
              4. Creating another account just to be involved in activities that the faction is involved in is not acceptable. for example: say UoF has won a free monster madness you cannot create an account just to participate in that.
              5. Creating another account to "spy" on the other faction is also not allowed.
              6. You cannot bypass a ban by changing your IP Address or creating a new account during the duration of that ban. You can make an appeal to that ban if you would like to do so by contacting the support team or a staff member.
            6. Support
              1. You may not improperly use in-game support, forums or tickets.
          1. Language and Chat:
            1. Language
              1. This is an English server, so we only ask you to use English when speaking in trade chat.
            2. Advertising
              1. Any advertisement of anything, in any chat, this includes other games, websites, or especially another server will not be accepted.
            3. Chat Behavior
              1. Any kind of Chaos/Drama is not tolerated in any chat.
            4. Discord Support
              1. When requesting help from staff please follow the chain of command: GS>GM>ADM>DEV>Owner. Everyone is required to follow the chain of command.
          2. Account:
            1. If you are sharing your account with someone, Shaiya Synthesis is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
            2. Account Sharing
              1. Account sharing is allowed, but if anything were ever to happen to your account it is your own responsibility and Shaiya Synthesis will not be responsible. No action will be taken.
            3. Account Marketing
              1. Account Selling is not allowed. If caught selling accounts, immediate action will be taken.
            4. Same IP
              1. Players who are playing in an any type of public place (this includes an Internet Café, computer shop etc.) should report any suspicious player activity such as cheating, or any form of exploits, involved in hacking/scamming scheming and creating fraudulent accounts.
              2. If a player or group of players that share the same IP and are violating our rules, they will also be held responsible for any violations and penalties in our TOS. Your IP address might be banned temporarily or permanently without any prior notices or warnings.
          3. PvP Rules:
            1. You are not allowed to stat pad or leech.
            2. You are not allowed to spawn kill.
            3. You are not allowed to go inside your enemy’s base.
          4. Raids:
            1. General
              1. All Boss Hunting and PvP raids must be open to the public at all times. They may only be made manual, when the HP of the boss reaches 50% or less.
              2. Guilds raids are allowed.
              3. All raids (PvE or PvP) Must be led by a trustworthy player. This could be a game sage, or an active trustworthy player.
              4. Raid leaders may not kick players without a valid reason.
              5. You are not allowed to leech for free PvP kills or exp.
            2. PvE
              1. All Boss Raids are required to be advertised in trade chat before you attack.
              2. All Boss Hunting Raids MUST be set on Team Order Loot.
            3. PvP
              1. PvP Raids Must be open at all times.
              2. Cross faction boss kill stealing and or resetting is allowed.
          5. Exploits:
            1. Dual Boxing
              1. Dual Boxing/Multiclient is not allowed, unless you have a good reason then an admin will grant you access.
            2. Game Modifications
              1. Game Modification or Exploits and bug abuse is strictly prohibited in the server.
            3. Exploits
              1. No Stat padding will be allowed.
              2. No cheat, hack, or any exploit will be tolerated.
          6. Forum:
            1. There may be a ruleset for the forum on the forum aswell. Always follow the one that is updated the latest.
            2. In-Game Rules apply to the forum rules as well.
            3. Posting Rules
              1. Try to avoid posting in the wrong section at all times, if you are unsure if you posting in the right section please ask for help.
              2. Double-posting is forbidden, there is no need to make the same post two times, it will not help you get a response quicker. If you post in the wrong section let a mod know and request the post to be moved to the correct section.
              3. We will not allow any form of trolling or any unnecessary or rude behavior towards anyone. This includes flaming.
              4. Whenever posting a file to download, you must also provide a virus scan of that file.
              5. There will no spamming allowed at all. There will be repercussions.
              6. No inappropriate images (Keep it 13+).
              7. No ban evasion will be allowed for any kind of ban.
              8. No posting of warez (copy written material) or material infringe on copyrights.
              9. No changing anyones quote in a post. especially, a staff member.
              10. No posting of botnet, phishing or viral, server hacking material.
              11. No bypassing the Shaiya Synthesis word filter. (using inappropriate words).
              12. No bumping dead threads for no important reason.
            4. Privacy
              1. No posting personal / private / "dox" information (including IP) of a Shaiya Synthesis user without their explicit permission or from an administrator. This means information that isnt easily accessible or discovered.
            5. Behavior
              1. Same rules that apply for ingame, apply to the forum.
          7. Discord:
            1. Coming soon.
          8. Penalties:
            1. Game Penalties
              1. 1st Offense - Warning will be sent privately to the offender or acted by the staff based on the offense.
              2. 2nd Offense - Temporary ban will be given based on the offense.
              3. 3rd Offense - Permanent ban (Ban appeal available based on offense)
              4. 4th Offsense - Permanent ban with no appeal
            2. Forum Penalties
              1. 1st Offense - Warning.
              2. 2nd Offense - Forum Mute (will be placed in something like a jail usergroup where you will only be able to view posts.
              3. 3rd Offense - Ban (Appeal)
              4. 4th Offense - Ban (No Appeal)
            3. Discord Penalties
              1. Coming soon.
          9. Modifying and Terminating Our Services:
            1. We are constantly observing and improving the game, as well as its features, as we determine to be necessary.
            2. We may add or remove functions or features, and we may suspend or stop the Game Service altogether at any time, with or without, notice.
            3. We have the right to block, remove, or ban any registered accounts. We may, in our discretion, choose to monitor or record your interaction, behavior and activities with or without notice.
            4. All accounts and items are property of Shaiya Synthesis
            5. The ToS as well as all features of the game are subject to change at any given time with or without notice.